Tamil Union C & AC

Excellence Since 1899


The location of club makes it more accessible for people around greater Colombo to come for recreational swimming or practice for competition swimming, the pool can be used by the members with a very nominal fee. The club offers a swimming facility for both adults and kids with two pools.

The normal pool is 20 meters in length with 6 lanes and maintained to the highest standards, members have the option of taking swimming membership or family membership up to 04.

Qualified swimming coaches are conducting basic and advanced training for competition level.

The standard pool times are 6 am to 9 pm except on Religious holidays.

Two separate washrooms for male and female are available with limited locker room facilities to keep the valuables.

The pool water is regularly tested to ensure safety and hygiene of the pool water. Wearing goggles to protect their eyes is recommended, we also have ample parking around the pool area for members’ convenience.

The pool is unmanned and swimming will be at your own risk. For children below 12 years, a parent or guardian accompanying a child to the pool vicinity is mandatory.